Five brands that any eco-conscious shopper would love

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Being a conscious consumer can often make shopping somewhat difficult. More often than not, brands are not exactly open to sharing their ethical practices. This can make buying items you love quite the gamble.  Regardless to how much you love that pair of shoes or warm knit jumper, your passion for ethical causes trumps your passion for fashion. There are ways around this gamble however. There are websites and apps such as ‘Good On You’,, The Good Shopping Guide and Baptist World Aid, that give brands ethical ratings in an annual ethical fashion report. There are also brands that you can support where their ethical practices are a major priority. Here are five affordable brands that ensure their practices are ethical.


Ran in San Francisco, Everlane sells high-quality everyday clothes at fair prices. Even with clothing made from ethically sourced materials such as silk, organic cotton and wool, Everlane manages to have competitive prices. More importantly, ethical manufacturing and pricing transparency are top priority for Everlane. Everlane carefully select the factories that will manufacture their clothes and regularly check in on them to ensure their workers are being well looked after. Everlane are also inclusive of all sizes even giving you the option to view the same garments on several models, all of which are different sizes.



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Vege Threads

Made and sold in Australia, Vege Threads is a brand that supplies minimalistic and modern fashion. Made with eco-friendly fabrics and designs, Vege Threads is dedicated to providing consumers with chic, long-lasting and practical garments. Vege Threads even rely on recycled and reused materials for their packaging. Inspired by the growing movement of what is known as ‘Slow Fashion’, Vege Threads are proud members of Ethical Clothing Australia providing sustainable and ethically manufactured clothing.




The Social Outfit

As they describe themselves, The Social Outfit is a fashion label with a difference. The Social Outfit is all about supplying vibrant, fun and unique garments, all while trying to make a difference. The Social Outfit is a not-for-profit charity as much as they are a business. Not only is The Social Outfit dedicated to ethical practices and supporting multiple organisations and charities, but they also provide employment and training in the fashion industry to refugees and migrant communicatees. The Social Outfit is on a mission to empower refugees and their creativity in areas such as clothing production, design, retail and marketing. All in hopes that it will lead to empowerment and social inclusion.


Organic Crew

The Organic Crew is your new go-to brand for fashion-forward casual clothes. Locally manufactured in Melbourne, Victoria, the Organic Crew is committed with providing long-lasting, sustainably manufactured clothing and materials. Each garment is carefully made by a valued and fairly paid workers, and the cotton that their garments are made from is sustainably sourced and all organic, making The Organic Crew’s garments perfect for those who suffer from sensitive skin and chemical reactions from the pesticides and genetically modified organisms in the crop from non-organic cotton.







Perfect for those who have their own unique sense of style, Kowtow provides chic garments for those who want to stand out from the crown. Kowtow’s style is the epitome of the edgy yet effortless minimalist.  Kowtow describes itself as a conscious label with a strong design philosophy, with its founder (Gosia Piatek) taking design inspiration from art, architecture, culture, craftsmanship, landscape, and even her own travels. Kowtow is also all about ethical transparency as much as it is about delivering effortless and unique garments. All of Kowtow’s fabrics are sustainably sourced, organic and designed in-house. Kowtow’s garments are also certified by a number of not-for-profit organisations. Aside from using organic and Fairtrade cotton, Kowtow also manufacture their garments with certified factories in India that encourages clothing manufactures to adapt and maintain social acceptable practices in the workplace.





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