Sustainable living: swapping body products for coconut oil

Ahh coconut oil. The sweet, sweet nectar of the gods. It smells bloody brilliant, it’s completely natural AND it slides perfectly into my tight weekly budget. I’m all about it.Â

I read online about the incredible benefits of replacing our usual body products with coconut oil, so I had to give it a go. It’s rich in proteins, vitamin E, is anti-aging, and acts as an antibacterial agent. Sounds like a dream, right? Here’s how it went.


I gave my luscious (ish) locks the vigorous shampoo they deserve, and then applied an excessive amount of coconut oil to my mop. I left it in for a while and rinsed what I could out with warm water. Despite not putting any oil on or near my scalp, the cheeky little beads still crawled their way up there. So once out of the shower, I looked like a Survivor contestant who hadn’t washed their hair in months. Fantastic. Didn’t really think it through because I then had to run to a job interview. Amazing. Didn’t get that one and I blame it on the coconot so great looking hair.

As anyone who is familiar with coconut oil knows, it’s bought solid and then liquefies at the tender-loving touch of heat. Being a winters day, the removal of the tender-loving touch of heat meant a head full of solidified oil. Two people tried to hug me and unfortunately got caught within the wraths of my mane. Didn’t feel ideal to the wandering fingers of a friend.

When I got home, I made a poor attempt at using a hair dryer to hopefully melt the oil out a bit. Terrible idea. I was just putting off using shampoo and risking stripping off all the good stuff. Tried warm water again but with no real success. In the end, I re-shampooed my hair and it all came out beautifully.


Nope, I wouldn’t recommend it as an everyday conditioner. But absolutely would use it again as a treatment! Afterwards, my hair felt strong, soft and ready to take on the world. Maybe I’ll just put it on before bed next time.


After a lot of scraping a scooping, I let a heap of oil liquefy in my hand. Massaging it in with my fingertips, I used it is a full body moisturiser (mostly legs and arms) and it was great!! It obviously doesn’t sink in the same way a normal moisturiser would, but I liked it.

Disclaimer: Don’t slather yourself in it and then tan for hours in the sun unless you are an advocate for sporting the lobster/skin-cancer look.


Call me Simon Cowell- it’s a yes from me.


This one is a bit of a questionable one. It completely depends on your facial skin type. I really loved applying it until I woke up and broke out into the ‘pizza face’ look. Loved it less then. I still use it most nights, but I avoid the most oily parts of my face and opt for the dryer parts.


If you are known for oily skin, I’d give it a miss or only use it on occasion. Dry skin and never get pimples? Go crazy with it.


Using coconut oil for lipbalm was one of the changes I was looking forward to most. Say goodbye to eating nasty chemicals and hello to coco-flavoured-lip-smaking goodness. And it’s actually GOOD for you!!

The oil can spread around your face pretty easily, so unless you love the I’ve-just-delved-into-a-big-KFC-bucket-of-chicken look, be careful not to smother too much on those lippies. I’m a vegetarian so I specifically steer away from that look.

The only downside is that it comes off pretty easily, but if you don’t mind reapplying all the time then you’re golden.


All for it- give those soup coolers the coconut lovin’ they deserve.


•Buy cooking coconut oil (preferably organic) rather than from the beauty section. It’s cheaper and it’s literally the same thing.

•Reuse the glass bottle after! Try it as a cute little vase or maybe as a glass to drink from. The options are (almost) endless.