10 billion trees to get Trump’s attention

President Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that he is no fan of the environment. But what we have seen over the last 2 years is that Trump likes to be the centre of attention. Recently fired communications director Antonio Scaramucci found out the hard way. He became the centre of the news cycle after a leaked phone call conversation with the New Yorker revealed his true thoughts about Bannon and Preibus.

Well before his presidency too, Trump always wanted to stamp his name to any brand. Remember Trump vodka and Trump steaks? Well three environmentalists in New Zealand, French-New Zealander entrepreneur named Adrien Taylor, a British climate scientist named Dan Price, and an American political scientist named Jeff Willis, have come up with a clever way to get Trump’s attention towards fighting for the environment.

They call it Trump Forest.

“We founded Trump Forest to overcome what was immense frustration that Jeff, Dan, and I had at the fact that the world’s most powerful man doesn’t believe in climate science. We live in New Zealand and felt powerless, so decided to do something about it. The idea came from the simple fact that the world needs more trees because they absorb carbon dioxide and they’re great at making humans happier. We decided to call it Trump Forest to hack the president’s newsworthiness and turn it into a force for good,” Adrien said.

On March 29, the group decided it was go time. The day before, Trump had signed an ‘energy independence’ executive order with the message that climate change doesn’t matter to his administration. Included in the order was the intention to dismantle Obama’s signature policy, the Clean Power Plan.

“Our goal is to hit 10 billion trees,” said Adrien before cheekily adding “and we want the last tree to be a Christmas tree on the White House lawn for Trump to decorate with his grandchildren if he’s happy to share the fun!”

President Trump’s recent decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement has caused a lot of alarm. The idea of the Paris agreement was to contain the rise of temperature by 2 degrees Celsius by 2100 or there would be severe consequences.

So it is timely that the concept of Trump Forest is being implemented. 10 billion trees could prevent about 650 million tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere that is according to an analysis by Nature.

Adrien is hopeful the President would be proud of this concept and start being friendlier with his environmental policies.

“We want him to love Trump Forest, we want him to tweet about it, and we would love it if he wanted to reimburse all the backers who have invested their hard-earned money in doing the work he should be taking care of as the leader of the free world.”

Adrien added people on the ground play an important role in spreading the message.  They should take the initiative in trying to be a champion for the environment by putting it in the forefront of what they think is important when voting for a leader.

“Plant more trees at TrumpForest.com, talk to friends about Trump’s climate ignorance, take to the streets in protest, and vote for climate leadership. It’s only when we hit a critical mass of people who care about climate ignorance and voice their opposition to it that we will see meaningful change.”

Unlike Trump Hotels, Trump Steaks, Trump Water, or the countless other products with the Trump name on it, neither the president nor his family has a stake in Trump Forest.

However, a few tweets to President Trump might get a response out of him.